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Is your home or business worth 50 cents a week?

  Stedi-Power's goal is to provide customers with the most cost-effective, robust power and lightning protection equipment at factory-direct pricing.  This strategy allows for the greatest flexibility in your power quality and transient voltage surge suppression installation.


Our installations typically return their investment in less than a year. This return on investment continues for many years beyond because our equipment carries one of the longest, least complicated warranties in the industry.

Stedi-Power's standard warranty replaces equipment or components for a period of 15 years--even if damaged by lightning.

Our factory-backed sales programs for commercial facilities allow groupings by industry to take advantage of quantity discounts.

Lightning and Asset Protection

    Because our equipment is dual-rated, you receive the most robust protection possible in every location in your facility. 

Dual-Rated--Arresters & Suppressors

    All of our equipment is dual-rated to meet world-wide requirements as both surge arresters and surge suppressors. The fact that our equipment is rated higher than other company's single-rated equipment is not a matter of opinion...it is a matter of fact--verified by independent, nationally recognized testing laboratories.

    Your investment in a fully qualified, properly specified surge arrester/suppressor installation from Stedi-Power will benefit your operation in the following areas:

Surge Suppression and Lean Manufacturing: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Friendly Products

    Comprehensive Installation will have a positive impact on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Installation supports all quality systems by reducing downtime, reducing waste, increasing production efficiency, reducing rework and defects, and assisting in maintaining a safer work environment.  Your maintenance personnel can be properly utilized to provide more proactive, preventive maintenance and less reactive, repair-oriented maintenance.


    Our engineering staff is fully qualified to support all products offered. We strive to be the most cost effective and technically proficient supplier available. Our industrial surge suppression systems have been tested to the most stringent standards and are fully qualified for installation world-wide.

    To take best advantage of your Installation of a lightning arrester for protection as well as maintenance reduction, extended life of equipment and increased power quality, contact Stedi-Power for more information.



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Stedi-Power, Inc.
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Stedi-Power, Inc
5044 B U Bowman Drive #102
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PHONE: (678) 546-6780

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